From Data Gathering to Data Analytics

A couple of days ago it came to me that solutions that gather data are starting to be commodities. We gather multiple formats of event data… geo-location, barometric, social, video, etc. Just as example if I were to fly to another city. I might socially broadcast that I am taking trip linking to others that will be at the same destination or taking the same ride. I sign in at the airport terminal, hotel, restaurant, etc. adding geo-location dimension to the trip. I might be tagged in a picture from the trip. I might even have been caught on a number of video surveillance cameras. Some actions might exceed threshold and trigger workflows. The point is that for any action we take in life today a lot of meta data is collected.

Another area is statistical data on data. Averages, means, medians, etc. I am flying to Chicago… my peers on average fly to Chicago two time more often per month than I do. They get upgraded more frequently. During their trips they eat more sushi. During their trips the sun shines more often. The tone of their social feeds on average is more positive. They even pay $200 less per ticket on average. 

In some cases data is being generated by the very nature of being, doing and mother nature. In other cases the data is user generated. We gather data, we generate data and we mesh data do create new dimensions from the raw data. Yet we have not really put any thought into the data. We throw compute and algorithms at the data to detect patterns and statistically study cause and effect. And lastly we can add human thought to draw conclusions. The further we link and study data the more valuable the output product will come. The more variables we introduce into the equation the more complex and encompassing the results will be.

We will invent new forms of data collection for years to come, but as consumers of data we also want higher levels of abstraction… more valuable data. We want it more easily, cheaper and faster.

EXISTING SOLUTION VENDORS… explore your solutions and the data that you sit on. Think of the reference architecture you belong and integrate into and the potential for data interchange. Those multitenant solution in the cloud, what is your data play?

START UPS… don’t think of an independent app that performs a function in a silo. Think the reference architecture you want to be in and what value you can bring by gathering, creating, linking and analyzing data for greater value to the user.



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