Kinect for Windows

A nugget from Balmer’s CES keynote was that Kinect was coming to Windows on Feb 1st. I’ve been thinking about Windows 8 and the need to buy a touch sensitive monitor… not any more. Few, no more dirty fingerprints on the screen! I am still a believer in 3D and Kinect has a huge role to play in that as well. The whole 3D glasses phase was one of the biggest tech cons of this century. What a waste! At the 2006 digital signage conference I already saw a 3D screen by Philips that didn’t require glasses! If you’ve invested into 3D tech in the last year… I am sooo sorry.

Back to Kinect… when Microsoft ISV partners think of their road map I’d explore the user interface possibilities that Kinect offers… gestures and voice commands. It will be interesting to see how Windows, Office and Dynamics product lines will incorporate Kinect. Now we only need a laptop size compatible Kinect device. The current Xbox form factor is a bit bulky for a laptop user. Remember when cameras were not integrated.

Kinect embedded into Windows Phone devices is only logical… Siri what? I see Kinect being a brand like Carl Zeiss camera lenses.


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