Noise About RIM

What’s up? RIM has come down from its glory days to costing next to nothing. Device innovation has stifled. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) is the piece that is still worth something and the client base it has in the prosumer market.

There were rumors about Amazon making a bid for RIM. A logical paring, as RIM doesn’t have a cloud and Amazon does. Amazon could also vitalize RIMs consumer business. Then again the leap from where RIM is today to being competitive makes me wonder.

The other option is a Microsoft/Nokia purchase. It would take a player out of the game. Windows Phone 8 interface to BES would be competitive. The BES user base would give Microsoft’s phone business an additional prosumer boost.Throw BES on Azure. So what is in it for Nokia? Unless Nokia was the buyer and would add BES to its Windows Phone differentiators. BES would give Nokia a much needed boost in the North American market.

It boils down to RIM’s owners understanding that the music has stopped and they need to make some decisions. Whatever happens the fact remains that alone RIM is dead.


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