Today was the big TabCo release day and boy was it interesting. TabCo came out of left field and created a multi form factor product family with a unified Android derivative OS family that supports the largest app ecosystem in the market. Schweet!

The grid concept is more to do with visual layout and usability than grid computing. The devices are cool and loaded. Price point is in the right range. OS has cool upgrades built in to differentiate from the android masses… well done!! The grid view refers to the way that personal views are created on the device screen… kind of like Windows Phone with the tiles, but more techy. The navigation wheel reminds me of command consoles sci-fi movies.

What is missing from this grid is the cloud. Grid has the potential for information sharing across platforms and there is a degree cross application flow. The android apps today are designed with the iPhone app paradigm in mind and not for the cloud. Cloud apps are a new bread of service.

My first impressions is that the team had a lot of cool ideas that will no doubt be copied by the main stream manufacturers fast. A lot of money has been burned to get the launch just right and the device is here to compete with iPad/iPhone here and now. I think it will make a dent.

The next paradigm shift will be Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 powered and served by the Azure cloud. I am still holding off on my slate purchase.


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