Business Reengineering

I have a back ground in business process reengineering and it came to me last week that companies going into the cloud need reengineer their business strategies. I binged business strategy reengineering and found a wiki for business engineering.

Here’s the definition according to Wikipedia:

Business engineering circumscribes the domain of designing new business fields. Unlike business development, business engineering does not only include marketing related tasks, but also most of the other business administration tasks. Financial and operational tasks are of equal importance, for example.

Business engineering includes all activities that are necessary to develop and maintain an independent line of business. It is comparable with starting a business, but includes the novel component. That means that there is no core market yet and market opportunities need to be created. Most likely, the output of business engineering substitutes known forms of supply, in existing markets.

Therefore business engineering aims to establish new, future oriented forms of businesses but with reference to existing or emerging needs. Business engineering is most likely related with the area of future technology. To abstract it, business engineering combines the establishment of a completely new business in a prospect business environment.

Business engineering is a holistic approach. My personal preference is to use the Business Model Canvas for a holistic approach to business modeling. Business engineering is likely related to an area of future technology. In my case I focus on cloud and social technologies.

Most of my clients are ISVs that have had an on-premise solution and they are facing a need to reengineer their business to meet the new reality. Hence, my niche is Business Reengineering.


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