What is next for RIM?

I’ve been reading reviews for the Playbook slate and like the phones the slate seems to be a robust prosumer device. Enough device, but 12 months too late.

My personal opinion is that RIM is clinging on to the ‘pro’ and loosing the ‘sumer’. Windows Phone 7 will ultimately take the ‘pro’ market from RIM, if Microsoft would just embrace the enterprise market and focus on native app partner ecosystem focusing on productivity applications. Today’s Skype announcement will be INSANE when natively integrated to all Windows devices and Lync. Imagine a Nokia handset with a 3D chip running Windows Phone 8 powered by Navteq 3D maps, native Skype, Outlook mobile, Zune, etc. I am getting me one of those… schweet! Nokia… you’ve got to beat Erickson’s eXperia Leon. Anything less will be a dire disappointment!

The 32 Gb version is comparable with iPad and Xoom pricing. Windows 7 slates are more tablets than slates and almost double the price. Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 are rumored to run same apps making Windows Phone 8 the slate OS. I’ve got a gut feeling that Apollo Mango mix will be the new hip flavor!! (Apollo is the code name for Windows Phone 8 and Mango is code for Windows 8).

There needs to be a RIM end game. HP has WebOS and the CEO’s recent cloud disclosures on LinkedIn paint a clear picture of HP’s direction. So what about IBM? IBM sold off its PC business to Lenovo and really doesn’t have a device OS play. Everything is focused on enterprise solutions and servers. But could there be a mobile play? What about Oracle or SAP? Both are moving to the cloud and becoming more platform vendors. Cisco?

Both Apple and Google are coming out with their cloud plays. I don’t think RIM has the financial chops to get into that game. RIM needs to go through the same ‘cleansing’ as Nokia is undergoing, but time is running out. The cleansing that Erickson went through to become Sony-Erickson.  Soon it wont make any difference. Nokia is emerging from its transformation into something new, more competitive and yet less dominant than it’s former self.


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