Consumerization of Enterprise Applications

Consumerization is a mega trend that I believe is getting a bit of a resurgence through explosion in pads and slates. These devices represent the medium sized form-factor and are optimized for consumption rather than creation of media. Enterprise apps are being pressured down the form-factor scale, but in doing this they are looking more and more like smart phone apps.

Cloud ecosystems are bridging the void between enterprise PC and smart phone applications. The power of the cloud is enabling ISVs to deliver rich enterprise functionality and universal accessibility on multiple form-factors, but interestingly enough the usability, licensing and delivery is increasingly being copied from the smart phone app market.

With cloud based subscription licensing models we are starting to look at the enterprise customer through Average Revenue per User (ARPU) tainted glasses across all form factors. It is interesting to see how enterprise ‘cloud commerce’ portals will develop, if they will adopt from the growing consumer trend of social commerce; i.e. using social networks in the context of e-commerce.


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