Azure Marketplace… the missing piece is now in place!

You do not know how excited I was to see both the Data and App marketplaces finally launch. When the rest of world is moving at 55 mph, I tend to cruise (figuratively) at 160 mph. So you can imagine my frustration about envisioning solutions and business models that would fully embrace Code Name Dallas in all its potential…. don’t even get me started on how information security intelligence could play into this. I’ve also commented on a number of articles about the lack of an Azure App Marketplace. Well now it is here!!! Go and register your offerings:

The App marketplace is still beta and really just an apps listing service… more so than a ecommerce site. Eventually I’d expect to buy seat licenses using my credit card on the site for ISV partner apps on Azure. This should be as easy as iTunes and there is no excuse for it not being so. For the more highly priced solutions Pinpoint should enable creation of corporate accounts with monthly billing arrangements.

Azure is technically a great platform and the only offering that provides true DaaS. However, ISV partners need to be able to advertise and sell their solutions… and Microsoft should also benefit financially.

The data marketplace is what clearly differentiates Azure. Technology is great, but what a vendor enables you to accomplish with it is what truly differentiates. The data marketplace creates a  community around Azure. Data is user generated, valuable and the ultimate consumable… an inexhaustible resource that is often generated as a byproduct. By enabling the community to share and repurpose data to create massive data mash ups we will see the whole new generation of integrated cloud applications, the likes of which we can hardly even imagine today.

I toke my 8 year old daughter to see TRON (Disney movie) over the weekend. Driving home after the movie we got into a discussion about the ‘grid’. We also touched upon Second Life, Habbo and Club Penguin. What I got out of the conversation was that for today’s eight year olds the notion of cloud is nothing fantastic. They will grow figuratively 24/7 on the ‘grid’.


One Comment on “Azure Marketplace… the missing piece is now in place!”

  1. Juha, it is amazing how the kids do not think much about mobility, cloud etc.. they just assume it to be there… I have my 11 year old daughter configuring Microsoft Kinect without any issues and my son to play with kids on his xBox 360 live connections… It is an amazing world.. We really need to think about the new generation of users when we create solutions.. If we don’t, we will fail!

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