Next Generation Cloud Business Models, Part 6

Today I read a Tweet about a new Azure based (cloud) communal app called City Sourced. Naturally I immediately installed it on my BlackBerry. The idea is citizens can report maintenance needs within their city. Cities opt in to receive these crowd sourced notices. How they make money is totally lost to me… unless they charge cities for the service, which I guess would seem logical.

The same model I guess could be used to map and prevent the spread of Kudzu and Privet. Citizens could report and the reports could be plotted on a map. The zones with most reports could be cleared by arranging citizen action days, where the city brings the truck and tools and volunteers do the hard labor. I remember when Disney had the Donate-A-Day campaign. Volunteers would get a free day pass to a Disney park. Same could be done with movie theaters locally. Donate a day and watch a movie for free.

Adopt-A-Stream is a water quality program, where trained volunteers take periodic measurements and report them to a web site. The data base is accessed by municipalities, utilities and universities who do water quality research.

Crowd sourced citizen action concepts can do tremendous good and can also be monetized in cases. If the crowd sourced data brings efficiencies that help to save money, portion of those savings can be given to the service provider. A true win-win-win.


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