Cloudsourcing refers to sourcing complete solutions to run your business from the public cloud. The solution provider that offers Cloudsourcing products or services is called "Cloudsourcer". The Cloudsourcer typically provides solutions that knits together cloud applications, cloud platforms and cloud infrastructure. –Wikipedia

I would think that cloud sourcing will appeal especially to the mid market. Cloudsourcers in the first wave will be vertical agnostic and later, when the market matures, will seek to specialize in vertical niches to differentiate.  Major PaaS vendors (like Microsoft) are already cloudsourcers in them selves. Customizing those massive application sets for verticals and providing value added modules is still a major partner opportunity. Now that SQL Server integrates with Azure the role of partners building private clouds based off Microsoft products is, in my humble opinion, obsolete.

The thing that fascinates me about cloudsourcing is that fact that you are building complementary portfolios of products and offering them as a single integrated service. I have been blogging for a while about the inadequacies of a traditional hub-and-spoke vendor ecosystem model, where the vendor has one on one relations with partners. I have written that the role of the PAM (Partner Account Manager) is outdated, because as we move towards the cloud and cloudsourced integrated solution sets vendors should look at portfolios of partner that complement their core cloudsoureable offerings. The role of the PPM is today.

I have been told that I am preaching to the choir and that vendors would like to move towards managing portfolios of partners, but the problem is that partners see other partners as competition and do not understand that 1+1=3. So vendors have given up. Well nothing will come from nothing and cloudsourcing will not reach its full potential until the model is fully integarted with the core vendors partner ecosystem. I might be obstinate in pushing my vision of Partner-to-Partner networking and managed partner portfolios, but I just think I am RIGHT and I will not apologize for it.


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