Next Generation Cloud Business Models, Part 5

Last night I could not sleep and I was reading. I started thinking about crowd sourcing and Googled the top 10 crowd sourcing concepts of 2010. Services exist from business concepts to music. Community based design requires the design content to be accessible. If the media is visual (as an example) it will need processing power and storage space. Multitenant would be a benefit. Imagine using the cloud for a community design based open source software project, where the design tools are in the cloud. Now imagine a software project based on individuals across the globe that have never met each other contributing and owning percentages of the business based on how much they have contributed. The initial team of ‘founding fathers’ would review submitted code and decide whether it would be added or not. If code is substituted for better code, then ownership changes dynamically. Even companies could buy into the solution by adding to it. The company could be a physical entity, as any other, but the development would use the open source model for agility and innovation. Sales would be incented by base, commission and bonuses, but ultimate power would rest with the board of architects, which could also be dynamic based on the top 5 contributors.

eHow is another crowd sourced model, but it has an inbuilt financial structure. Contributors originally were paid a percentage of add revenue from the pages that they had written. Later Demand Media created a pool of writers that get paid a fixed fee per article they write. Could the same model be used write a business best seller? An encyclopedia that grows through versions and can be electronically purchased off iTunes and Amazon. Where the writers get a portion of the revenues. Its not easy to write a best seller, but maybe easier to write a best selling chapter.

For more crowd sourcing sites:


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