Next Generation Cloud Business Models, Part 4

Last night Atlanta got about 20 cm of snow, which is cause for a state of emergency to be called. Any now I am sitting in my office snug and warm thinking about social business models. I did not spend any time over the week end, so I am starting with fresh reflection on last weeks articles. I feel that I have a hit a wall, at least for now…

In summary, cloud offerings must:

A) Be Multitenant – this provides for a lean code base and ease of deploying new users

B) Support Multiple Form Factors – now that you have your content in the cloud that content should be accessible online through a multitude of devices and device form factors (PC – Slate – Smart Phone)

C) Offer Integration Points to Other Cloud Services – we can only realize the full potential of the could once we start joining data across multiple cloud applications. This is where Microsoft’s Code Name Dallas comes to play. Content is king, whether vendor or user generated, and as such has monetary value. It is also about Partner-To-Partner networking and building greater value. It is also about linking user bases and communities to greater reach.

D) Enable a Community – I don’t think it is so much a must, as it is an opportunity that would be foolish not to take advantage of. Communities bring stickiness and can add to the user perceived value and valuation of the solution. You can spin a community around any product, process or passion

I really like Tableau Public. I is a free data visualization tool and there is a strong community of data sets and visualization frameworks building around the solution. I recently used email log files to build a social model of a companies employees. The model was dynamic and the visualization was based on force algorithms. Now the methodology has a lot of areas for application and as such has monetary worth. I’d like to be able to create and sell data sets for others to use in their visualizations and I’d like to create innovative templates, but I’d also like to get paid for the effort.

I’d equally like to see a community around Dynamics CRM Online. I’d like to buy, sell and trade contacts. I’d like to buy, sell and trade templates, price list, offerings, etc. I’d like to partner with other consultants combining our offerings. I’d like to get competitive intelligence, analyst reports, etc. I’d like there to be an add-on app store from where I can buy add-ons for $10, like in iTunes. I’d like to link my CRM to web analytics, social media monitoring, sentiment analysis tools, lead sources, etc.


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