Next Generation Cloud Business Models, Part 3

Let’s play around with a web analytics solution. Again a highly competitive market. Sure we could make the solution multitenant and migrate it into a cloud for scalability and ease of deployment, but what else could we do? Well our clients are generating massive amounts of benchmark data that has a monetary value. Could this benchmark data be resold back to the user base and/or third parties?

Why do people use web analytics? For marketing optimization… optimizing web campaigns. Could the client base benefit from cross marketing or community marketing? Let’s say we have 1000 clients. 20% just happen market product to the same customer segment. Is there a benefit in an optimized Etsy type of niche portal to serve that homogeneous client base? Artisans, interior design goods, car parts, sporting goods, health supplements, etc. Sure there is potential for competition is a communal portal, but you also get more reach for every dollar spent. Does 1+1=3 in this case?

Would it help to integrate and mashup data between a web analytics tool and a social media monitoring tool? Would it add value to integrate web analytics with an add design/content management tool? Having all the content and intelligence in the cloud could potentially make it more accessible to multiple form factors and media types.

I’d like to pull an idea from an old article I wrote about degrees of value add. ISVs need to think carefully what their core is… what features have a degree of separation from that core. How far from the core should an ISV venture and when does it make sense to integrate and partners to make solution more holistic and value adding.


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