Windows Virtual PC

I have been playing around with virtual desktop software and I am amazed at the lack of sophistication and poor usability. With VM Player the install is quite intuitive and straight forward, but with Windows Virtual PC you have to go and change BIOS settings manually to enable virtualization… really! Creating a virtual machine again with VM Player has an OK wizard that also install the OS. Windows Virtual PC comes up with the command prompt and booting the machine after installing the OS install disc requires the virtual machine to be rebooted… quite logical, but not very ‘wizardish’. The whole carving out of the virtual instance takes a while, but there is no indicator that something is happening. The virtual PC folder works, but doesn’t open, give details, … basically leaves you thinking that the install went bad.

OK… I now have the OS installed and I start installing apps. I click into the virtual machine window and great, but once I try to get out it will not allow me to navigate back into my normal desktop. I need to hit Control-Alt-Delete and Cancel to get out. Really user friendly!!! I try to expand the window size of the virtual machine, but there are only two size options and neither of them are full screen size.

At that point I gave up and uninstalled Windows Virtual PC. Two thumbs down!

Back to a non-virtual world!


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