To Be Or Not To Be…

It is interesting reading reviews of the Windows Phone 7 and Meego devices that are attempting to carve pieces of the smart phone market currently split between iPhone, BlackBerry and Droid.,0&source=IFWNLE_nlt_mobilehdwr_2010-11-10

The above are just two articles, but quite well written. What confounds me with Windows phone products is their lack of business focus. By trying to compete on the consumer front Microsoft is venturing too far away from their core base of professional business customers. Xbox has been a tremendous success, but is marketed as the Xbox community and not Microsoft. Should the Windows Phone 7 be called Xphone… and we would continue to hold our breath for the real Windows Phone 7.

Just this morning I read an article about unified communications and how Gartner doesn’t believe in it… even though it has been a top 10 Gartner mega trend for years. Windows Phone 7 should be a show case for unified communication within and enterprise. Gartner’s argument that users want to use different communication services and a single vendor cannot integrate all services into one. What?! Why could you not have email, SMS, MMS, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Four Square, etc. all managed through Outlook Mobile? Especially if all the services were in an integrated cloud(s). Personally I think that Nick Jones needs make a trip to Disney and spent some time with the Imagineers.

The Meego article also touched on the topic of continuous computing. Mr. Fisher of Intel envisioned a world where all devices access content through the cloud and integrate seamlessly.  Fantastic! Couldn’t agree more! So why is he hanging around with Nokia? What is Nokia’s digital convergence or continuous computing strategy?

RIM, please announce a cloud play and I will never doubt you again!


One Comment on “To Be Or Not To Be…”

  1. Joe Walker says:

    Interesting post.. If the (hypothetical) Xphone were the consumer model and the Mphone (?) were for a core business audience, how would their features differ in your opinion? In other words, is it worth ‘detuning’ a non-professional phone, or do you believe Microsoft should offer everything to everyone in hopes a full feature set attracts some sort of value prop?

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