BlackBerry PlayBook

The game changes again. RIM has now taken the first step into the big boy club with an OS for another form factor. RIM is now in the digital convergence play. Considering the back ground of the company they bought (QNX) I would expect to see more form factors.

The device is very nice and well positioned for the prosumer crowd. I now see RIM’s strategy of staying current as the business device manufacturer and it is very believable. The missing wheel is the cloud… where all the cool new apps will draw their power from. I’d guess that this is in the works.

I have been critical of RIM in past blogs, but I have to say I am very impressed! RIM has always been weak with their app store and/or marketing what business apps they have. It feels like they have given up the on the apps race and decided that they will provide a set of cool apps that work supremely well and the rest you can get from web. Even though this sounds a bit absurd, but I kinda get it… its believable to an extent. Those cool few apps should use the cloud. Otherwise the coolness factor will dissipate quickly.

My only request… please do something with your phone browsing capabilities. Make it as good as your email.

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