Meego Soon to be Found in Cars

Nokia announced a partnership with Genivi Alliance (BMW, GM, Mitsubishi, Hyundai and Peugeot) for car infotainment systems. I’ve been vocal about Nokia falling out of the ‘big boy’ game by not understanding the meaning of digital convergence. This move is a small step, but maybe it will be followed by a Meego Slate and a partnership announcement with a major TV manufacturer. We are still not spanning into the PC realm and OVI is still a sad experiment compared to other app stores. Maybe Meego will also help to boost OVI, by making Nokia app development more sexy. A while back Nokia and Microsoft announced more interoperability between Nokia smart phones and the Office Suite. Maybe there is the seed for the missing piece of the convergence story.

Last but not least… the cloud. Nokia needs to announce a cloud play. Smart phones accessing smart apps in the cloud. I’ve heard rumors of cloud based social apps in the next Meego release, but will hold back my judgment until I see what it’s all about.


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