Spanish Microsoft ISV Community

As promised here are some general findings about from my research.

– I have come to believe it is a cultural thing, but Spanish CXO do not advertise themselves. It is all about company branding versus cult of personality. In half of the cases company websites do not name the management team members.

– I believe it is probably a tax or legal issue, but it seemed like many end customer facing organizations had a mother company (or group) behind them. This layered ownership structure was new to me.

– I was generally impressed with the degree of social media adaptation by the companies. I was especially impressed with how many companies had Twitter presences.

– In the hosting and telecom arena you can quickly see how the market has consolidated over the years on a pan-European level.

– On researching Cloud Computing events in Spain during the next 9 months, I was amazed how few of the experts in charge of setting the agenda were actually Spanish.

– Spain has the two main hubs of Madrid and Barcelona. Most web sites tend to be in Spanish and in Catalan… especially those from Barcelona. What amazed me was the degree of activity in Bilbao. I have always considered Valencia and Malaga to be more active, but I stand corrected.

– Influencers in most cases are not influential because of their social media presence, but rather the positions they hold. Influence is still achieved through actions rather than articulating elegant opinions. The old social structures tend to show through when looking in from the outside.

– All in all very impressed with level of innovation and degree of product/services maturity.


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