The Conversation

My colleague Petri I. Salonen recently pointed me to take a look at an illustration by Brian Solis and Jesse Thomas. Their site is called: Brian and Jesse had nicely illustrated the different elements of the great social conversation stream. The target is so fast moving and there are so many social networking services and tools that it is impossible to cover everything, but the image is powerful.

Inspired by their work and true to the web mantra of ‘copy and make better’ I did my own version of the image.


I also really like the term ‘The Conversation’. It really is one intertwined global conversation stream based on all the cross linkages, references, track backs, social bookmarks, etc. It is too easy to say social media is Facebook or Twitter… it is so much more.

Google Wave and IBM’s project Vulcan are piecing inputs from different communication tools into a single stream. There also examples of dashboard consolidation in mainstream social networking services. I predict that in 2010 we will see really cool solutions that seamlessly piece together voice, video, text, images, etc. into a single fluid conversation.

p.s. Bing for the new Silverlight 4 beta and the demo Facebook client… way cool! 

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