Influence Mind Map

Influence Network3

Here is another illustration that found in the world wide web and altered to the above for my own purposes. The idea is that the illustration covers the main attributes that play into social networking and the art of influencing how people think, behave and buy/partner.

One of the key messages that I highlight is that social media, as a marketing medium, is changing not displacing traditional media. The fusion of the web and television will usher a new age of interactive television. Radio and print will become digital and communal. Signage will become digital and interactive. We will still call people, but it may be over IP… or into a voice mail box that translates our message into text passing it on as an IM… and translates it into a different language. We will still email people, but an email may be responded to with an instant message or SMS merging into a seamless conversation based on convenience. We will still meet people, but since we are more socially aware and networked… our physical interactions may also evolve. The mix is changing, but a good marketing campaign will still continue to utilize and integrate all the available medias in appropriate ratios.

Social Media should never be isolated or put into a silo. It is a change in our communication culture that permeates all.

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  1. John says:

    This is one great post. Thanks!

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