Future of Mobile Value Added Services

I have been recently researching what value added services exist in the mobile space and I have to say that I am not very impressed… I am almost disappointed. I am not talking about music, backgrounds, games or such. I am talking about services.

I looked into Mobile TV and seems that the options are to stream or you need a receiver. Streaming with current bandwidths doesn’t sound like a cool idea. I tried to see if there were any Java applets that could decode a received signal, but all seem to require a chip or SD card, which in my opinion is killing the opportunity. What percentage of even higher end cell phones have inbuilt TV receivers today? Couldn’t the phones inbuilt GSM (or CDMA) receiver be used to receive the transmission and then have an Java applet decode it off the SIM card utilizing the phones CPU. This would be device agnostic and what a market opportunity!

SMS just seems so boring when we could be using SIM Browser based services. They are still the same SMS based, but menu driven so you do not need to remember phone numbers or what the exact message needed to be for the server end to understand your request. How many of you even know half of the SMS based services your operator provides today?

I though about looking into cell tower triangulation and if there was a Java applet that could fit on a Java Card (device agnostic). You would think that such a positioning solution would be cool for those who do not have a GPS enabled phone, but no… hey! please correct me if you know of such an applet.

Well, at the end of the day there is only so much you can stuff on a SIM card. Why not just have G&D and/or Gemalto chip a GPS and digital TV receiver on the SIM card? Now how cool would that be?

I’ve found a number of cool applications, but the problem is that they are always client based and only work on a limited number of handsets… “there is app for that”, but only if you use a certain device. What about MAaaS (Mobile Applications as a Service)? Why are micro web browsers still so sad? Why can’t the top 1000 web sites automatically query your screen size and optimize content so you do not have scroll across the page to see the right side of it? There are more WAP enabled phones than there are Smart Phones that run rich client applications.

Software vendors… you need a sales channel. You can either give the device manufacturers or the operators a slice of the pie. I’d go with the operators and not have to deal with multiple device support issues.

I believe that the cell phone, as we know it today, will disappear. Have you seen Samsung’s wrist watch that is also a cell phone? Why couldn’t we just have a voice enabled phone built into a headset? A bit into the future, why not just implant the phone? Why not inject a biological ‘thing’ into your wrist that glows the time through your skin… biological clock? We are already building DNA Computing is here today… how long will it take to create a biological cell phone implant?


Check out Microsoft’s future vision montage. Look at their vision of tablet PC’s (handhelds… smart phones). Now that is the future of smart phones… I just personally envision the phone being split off from the ‘smart’. Laptops themselves will become ultra-slim netbooks… yeah, sorry I believe in cloud computing and SaaS. 

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