What is the Social Cloud?

Google’s Kevin Marks talks about the Social Cloud. This is not to be confused with Cloud Computing. The World Wide Web (WWW) in essence is a cloud and this is what Kevin refers to. In the www-cloud we use standards like TCP-IP and HTML. He talks about new standards for making social data in the WWW-cloud standard. When we standardize social data it becomes interchangeable between social media platforms and also enables us to build a mind maps of our social profiles. It enables us to visualize our social networks, the tools we use and the content we generate. This opens up a new opportunities for social analytics.

The social cloud will require incorporation of an electronic social identity… universal sign on. I’ve written on this topic in the past. How do you allow separate systems to share your social profile and access your network data? The example Kevin uses is why can’t a user just transfer their network from a Facebook into a Myspace. A lot of apps exist, but they always require you to key in your account user name and password for the site you are transferring from and your account credentials are unique for each system.

It will be interesting to see what Google comes up with to solve this issue.

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