Social Media Monitoring Solutions

I recently looked through the available social media monitoring tools.

Here is a list:

  • Trackur
  • Filtrbox
  • Scoutlabs
  • Visible Technologies
  • Collective Intellect
  • Spiral 16
  • Radian 6
  • Techrigy
  • TMS Symphony

These split into RSS feed and screen scrape based. In general I found most of the solutions wanting in terms of their scope of search. There is no substitute for having a professional analyst help you out. None of the solutions had true multi-language support, which makes geographic filters a bit difficult.  Most either have or are coming out with sentiment algorithms, but again those are only 75% accurate and only work with the English language.

Radian 6 had a nice way to track persons of interest. Collective Intellect had nice demographic data. Spiral 16 was the furthest ahead in visualizing influencers and social networks.

Pricing ranged from free to a seat fee and an additional search fee on top of that. Paid services start from $250 per month and range to $100 per seat plus $500 per search topic.

If you are serious and willing to pay I have to say I was the most impressed with Radian 6.

Another great blog on the topic is by Lisa Whelan:

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2 Comments on “Social Media Monitoring Solutions”

  1. warren says:

    Juha – Thanks for the great evaluation and endorsement of Radian6. We’re constantly striving to meet the needs of our clients and the marketplace. So we’re grateful to be recognized for those efforts.Warren SukernekDirector of Content MarketingRadian6

  2. Unknown says:

    Juha – thanks for demo blurb, exciting possibilities in the space to say the least. Enjoy the long weekend!Dean @ Collective Intellect

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