Heads of top U.S. companies snub blogs, Facebook

A study by UberCEO.com found that not one Fortune 100 CEO has a blog. Only three CEOs have a personal page in mainstream social media sites. This is a huge opportunity for public relations agencies to help executives beef up their communications strategies.

I am personally not a big fan of Twitter, even though it would lend itself nicely to known CEOs. The rapid fire nature of micro blogging is not great when you have legal liabilities and your words can have immediate effect on stock prices. Blogging however offers a means of providing transparency for mainstreet USA into the thinking behind actions of major corporations. Executives should use this avenue to provide information. Some times you have to make unpopular decisions and not everyone might agree, but atleast people will undestand your motives and the net effect will always be positive.


Heads of top U.S. companies snub blogs, Facebook: study – News Wires – CNBC.com


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