Talking about US Economy at Risk for Double-Dip Recession

The article referenced states that since hoseholds are less inclined to spend in the following years, then the economy is less likely to grow and more at recession risk.

My first question where would the next recession come from… what is the next buble? Secondly is the only catalyst to growth over consumption?

What if we made government more streamlined, fine tuned health care, had better oversight on massive project overruns, etc.? What if we got rid of waste?

What if we spent more on developing new technologies that would improve quality of life and reduce cost? The new ‘less is more’?

I often wonder what would be the modern day equivalent of the Manhattan Project or the Apollo Program? Are we making equivalent life altering technical advances today?


US Economy at Risk for Double-Dip Recession – Economy * US * News * Story –


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