B2B Social Networks – The Analogy


—The main island (red) administers the archipelago. The main island provides a framework of ferry boats to connect the islands and chamber of commerce to promote inter island commerce. Passports are issued to members of the island nation allowing people to travel freely with trust.

—Each island has grown a specialized community; artisans, farmers, fishermen, etc.

—The islands that do not have access to this framework of commerce are 30% poorer than the participating islands. There is a strong incentive to join the island network.

—As the number of connected islands and the volume of commerce increases within the archipelago the total amount of taxes levied by the main island increases.

—The main island sells the islanders also tools, seeds, paints and a whole portfolio of services, with also generates revenue for the main island. More prosperous the islanders are the more they buy.

—The farmers, the fishermen and the artisans have created a sub community. The farmers and the fishermen are trying a new concept of ‘fish farming’ and the artisans are selling the produce on the main island for mutual profit.

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