Mapping Technology Strategy

We have been working with a number of companies over the past years on helping them reinvigorate their technology road map. I personal approach is always to find a way to simplify the problem by figuring a way to illustrate the issue in a way that anyone can see the basics in a single shot. I would like to share my approach with you.

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In most cases there is a legacy that we need to start from and in most cases we do not have the luxury to go on a totally new tangent. The road map needs to be based on the core competencies of the team and build on the existing base. The tactical approach focuses on what can be done in a 6 to 12 month time window. The strategic approach looks at a 3 year time window. We can also have a region focus on a specific value proposition for an identified growth market.

When we white board, it is important to allow all parties to contribute freely. The goal is to get every idea on the board, no matter how fantastic they may be. The ideas can later be grouped and sequenced into actionable paths. Each path can be financially modeled and evaluated against competing paths.

If a decision cannot be reached, then think of each path as a mountain that needs to be climbed. Each of the mountains have some overlap regarding their base. Development can focus on these overlap areas that are mostly tactical in nature and time frame giving more time for the management team to decide on which peak to climb.

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