Technology Trends

I was reading the 2008 Gartner report on current trends. I agree that SaaS is a clear mega trend will change the way we use applications both professionally and privately. SaaS in the mobile realm also means browser based, which translates to a common denominator between users simplifying the developers need to support multiple native clients. This means a growing need for next generation mobile data networks.

Unified communications is a harder topic. It is not just about linking communication tools with basic situational awareness. We need to examine how people communicate today on the whole (or how our kids communicate), which requires us to look at social networks and how they impact unified communications. Gartner’s unified communications stance is word for word from Microsoft’s strategy manual and speaks volumes about Gartner’s true impartiality.

Virtualization has been a topic of discussion for a few years and every year it is in the top ten trends. SaaS has been around for a few years, but is still in its infancy. The same applies for virtualization and multi-core computing. All offer huge potential and change.

Green tech is a Gartner trend, but in my opinion it is mostly hype. No one in the trenches talks about green tech. They talk about optimizing supply chain to reduce fuel costs amongst other things. Green tech is a marketing slogan. We talk about higher ideals, but by definition market economies are driven by supply and demand. We have been talking about global warming for years, but it required oil prices to rise above a free market pain point for any real change to happen. Politician can speed change through legislation, but free economy will only allow tampering to a certain extent. To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In the free market economy the forces that are applied are based on power interests and the in the long chain the ultimate power is with the modern consumer… not the idealistic voter. This statement I base on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs… base needs will always supercede idealistic needs. 

What I am missing from these technology reports is Location Based Services. Situational awareness has huge potential in terms of making content more focused/accessible and maximizing content value to user. From discussing with colleagues across the world this is the fundamental need that they convey to me. I guess Nokia did not pay their Gartner dues this past year. I also would have thought that Google would have pushed this topic harder than it evidently did.

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