Value Pyramid

Many Microsoft Channel partners are still asking themselves what Software + Services really means for them. The Microsoft partner eco-system is the largest and most dynamic eco-system of its kind. As the eco-system evolves with the world around it, so must its members. The Value Pyramid tries to answer many of these challenges.


Partners that are still in the exchange, sharepoint, Dynamics CRM, etc. hosting business need to evolve and fast. In order to counter encroachment by Google, and Apple Microsoft has to have SaaS offering. Margins for hosting services are going down rapidly and good customer service is not enough to differentiate for higher margin.

Partners should evolve to providing vertical work flow design services on top of MS hosted services. Microsoft provides the platform and partners give it life and meaning. The pinnacle of value creation and differentiation is not about adding value, but rather expanding value. Giving vertical flows better access through mobility or expanding the value base through integration or niche modular additions.

The International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners (IAMCP) has a unique role between value creation and value expansion. Most partners do not have all the competencies needed to push value creation into expansion. Through partnerships partners can achieve value that alone they could not.

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