My Vision of Mobile IPTV

Imagine… I am sitting on a plane and watching a ball game of my cell phone. Yes, FAA has allowed cell phone usage on flights, since the overpriced onboard phones did not prove to be a revenue source for the airlines. Operators have also figured out how to handle seamless roaming when travelling 30000 feet in the sky and travelling 500 miles per hour. Now Eli Manning gets the ball and passes. I want to know Eli’s stats for this season and I click on his name and the stats come up. Touch down! And we are on commercial break. An American Express add plays and message pops up that if I would like to sign up today they would wave my annual fee and give me triple miles on the flight that I was on. To schedule an appointment on arrival at concourse A please click on Appointment. Why not! You can’t beat triple miles. The next add is by Georgia Power (“A Southern Company”). Apparently I could get cheaper gas by switching from Scana. Why not! I open an SLL secured connection and fill in my application on line before the commercial break is out.

The phone rings and it’s my wife is video calling me. My son fell on his bicycle and wants to show me the bruise. It’s small and only adds to street credibility. The call is free as my voice service is by Blyk. I have responded to enough ads during the month to get free calling. It’s not an issue as they are specific to me and my current location. Just this month alone I have saved $50 by switching to Geico.


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