100 best places to start your business

CNNMoney just released a report the top 100 places in the US to start your business. Interestingly only Marina del Ray, Ca. was mentioned from California in the top 10. All other locations were in Texas, Georgia, North Carolina and Washington D.C. suburbs. Washington ja Oregon were also in the top 10. The metrics used were quality of living, entrepreneurial atmosphere, availability of workforce and potential.
I have multiple times written about companies that think Palo Alto or Mountain View are the only logical locations to establish themselves. Well now I have third party validation from CNN.
But, but, but… all the venture funds are there, university incubators, high tech companies, etc.
You can visit the ventures by plane from Austin or Bethesda. The ventures will listen if you have something interesting to offer. Most non-US companies have their R&D outside the country and their involvement with Universities is limited. Washington State is a major high tech hub due to Microsoft, but its 8 hours from the Atlantic coast of Europe. If you have a European HQ, then I would really recommend thinking about the practicality.

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