Business intelligence and how it fits in

Some of you might understand BI as numerical analytics and some of you might take a wider perspective understanding BI as information in general used for decision making. In either case business intelligence is becoming more and more a competitive factor.

Nokia was just ranked number one in management skills in the European market and in the top five in the world. It’s not that their managers are vastly better than in other companies. The deciding factor is Nokia’s years of development into processes and business intelligence. Fine tuned processes enable consistency and excellence in execution and execution is key. Business intelligence ensures that execution is properly directed.

I like the saying: "Plan your execution and execute your plan" This mentality applies for any endeavor. The effective use of business intelligence in planning your execution makes for an Intelligent Business. Its more about playing smart than playing hard.

I have been with a company called TELLUS International virtually from it’s start. Our mission is to help companies with their growth strategies focusing on the Microsoft ecosystem and transatlantic trade. We provide a full suite of services from strategic advisory services, to technology road map market alignment and finally to market acceleration service and virtual sales. We differentiate ourselves by carefully planning our execution and then aggressively executing our plan. Our goal is to be in Intelligent Business.

Senior TELLUS executives all have backgrounds in business intelligence (BI). We cover cultural change management and mergers, business process re-engineering, strategy and technology. All the phases of a business intelligence initiative. You might ask how does this relate to the first part of this article? It is a question of push and pull. Less focused trade facilitators and sales agents rely on push as their means of assisting with market entry. TELLUS uses pull! We interact daily with Fortune 500 organization as project managers and strategic advisors for business intelligence related engagements. In order for these engagements to reach their goal we need technologies. Tools for project time and cost management, resource scheduling and optimization, investment planning and optimization, asset tracking, invoice processing and investment approvals, etc. All of these solutions generate business intelligence that will be used for decision making.

Think of this in terms of ecosystems. The old approach was where a few large organizations (trade associations) dominated. These organizations have large networks of contacts, but the contacts are managed relationship by relationship. Now imagine a new ecosystem approach where multiple organizations are participating in a symbiosis. Organizations like TELLUS will dominate because we are your window to the world through business intelligence. Together lets make intelligent business.

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