What is your framework?

I wrote in an earlier posting about different ways of perceiving market realities. I have been thinking about this and thought that I’d write a few more lines about the topic…

How you perceive or experience the world around you is a result of your personal framework. The framework which governs your reactions is a product of your cultural/societal and personal values. Values are instilled into a person over a long period of time and cannot be changed over night or in even a few weeks. This is why making the simplest transformations to an existing corporate culture will take a minimum of two years.

What does it mean to be a true multinational executive? To me it means that you have a culturally diverse framework of values and experiences that you see the world through. I don’t believe in stereo typing, but I do believe in statistical probabilities. I do believe that the more diverse your framework is, the easier it will be for you understand and function in an environment with differing values.

For me this trail of thought at least raises the following questions when considering new market entry:
– Should I consult an experienced expatriate who can translate between my reality and the reality of the market?
– Should a send a trusted subject matter expert from my core team to start operations or should I employ multinational executive with ability to understand both frameworks, building their subject matter expertise?
– Do I see my country manager as a the implementer of my strategy or as a partner in defining strategy?
– Am I willing to commit enough time to build at least a sufficient understanding of my export country’s framework?

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