The man who needed no help

The quintessential Finnish engineer doesn’t read instructions and doesn’t accept help. He/she is the creme of the crop in his/her fish pond and has ultimate confidence is his/her abilities in any endeavor. Stereo types of personal trades that Finns posses are stubbornness and pride. When you take a stereo typical Finnish engineer… well you get the picture.

How do you convince some one that there might be a better way when they have traveled the trade shows of the world and as a result believe that they are "global"? In a previous blog I wrote about one’s "framework" and what it takes to understand global markets. Making day trips and attending trade shows doesn’t cut it… you have to live it. You have to experience the daily wins and failures of the respective local markets to learn and optimize your approach. This isn’t done with quarterly visits.

The reason why I write about this is that I continuously see the same mistakes being made. We need to share experiences more and learn from the mistakes of others. We need to use the best resources available to get the job done. Otherwise us Finns we will always have the best technology that doesn’t sell.

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