Web 2.0 whats in it for me?

 In an earlier blog I wrote about communality as a defining force behind web 2.0. I would like to expand on that topic.

The appeal of communality is based on the fact that the current generations of young web surfers do not want to passively browse information, they want to comment and contribute. YouTube and MySpace are good examples of a modern internet dwellers need to contribute and comment. The interaction is the basis for communality.

I also wrote in a past article that I see YouTube and MySpace as things of the past… the early pioneers of web 2.0, but having the same inherent problems as web 1.0. How do we entice people to put more effort and categorization into the content they publish. We come to my favorite question that defines humanity: “What’s in it for me?”

Publishing ones thoughts may have the ulterior motive of gaining publicity for one-self or it may be as focused as a honey trap for potential clients interested in the domain that you are writing about. Compensating amateur journalists for content and providing a ranking system that gives publicity, accreditation in the community and potential a higher per page compensation would drive more focused and higher quality content. Reuters watch out, because there is an amateur journalist in every one of us and we are armed with camera phones. There should actually be an amateur bloger Pulitzer award. Recognition for valuable content in the new web.

I also wrote that web 2.0 will grow to be an ecosystem of interlinked managed/focused communities built around specific themes. The next step is to commercialize the ecosystem and commercialization requires currency. I love what Linden has done with Second Life and the Linden dollars. How long will it take for tax authorities to impose tax on earned virtual cash? Credits for high quality content is the way to go. Credits can be used purchase on-line services, upgrade membership, etc.

Blog placement in domain specific communities will be a business of its own. Bloging will no longer free for the enterprise. Companies will pay a premium to have their blogs published in focused communities with administration and in depth registered member statistics.


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