Web 2.0 as a growth catalyst

 Web 2.0 is at best a vague term. For me it embodies the Web’s evolution from traditional file storage structure of unmonitored data that is poorly navigable to a fluid structure of pockets of monitored data with semantic search capabilities.

Well what does this means in terms of driving more sales? One of the major issues with sales and market penetration today is the cost of brand creation. It takes a tremendous effort to push through the noise level and to get noticed. Rather than throwing hundreds of thousands to advertising, PR and analyst relations in the traditional sense we are suggesting an alternative.

A defining characteristic of Web 2.0 is communality. Brand can be build through recognition as a subject matter expert or by shouting often and loud enough. Domain specific communities offer vendors the ability to take control of a domain through blogs, managed discussions and podcasts. Your views will spread through the community like wild fire driving potential clients to contact you to ask for your expert opinion.

Current CMS tools allow community site web administrators to slice and dice their audience identifying who are the evangelists and whore are the network convergence points. Targeting these individuals ruthlessly will speed the dissemination of your view multifold.

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