The eternal promise of a more opportune next month

This is a topic that I have been meaning to write about for a long time. I hear about it from ICT companies on a daily a daily basis. There is nothing like putting a positive spin on things: "we have too many projects at the moment and cannot start anything new". Another one of my favorites is: "our first priority is to build a solid product and then we will start to market it."

There is a saying: "no better time than now." Sayings always have hundreds of years of wisdom behind them. Otherwise they would not be common sayings. So why is it so difficult?

If you have resourcing issues now you will most likely have issue next month and the month after. If you wait to clear your table before starting new initiatives, then your funnel will be like a roller coaster with ups and downs. During the ups we are scared to hire more and during the downs we say: "see I was right… what a mess we would be in now." The sad thing is that most of the these self proffessedly bussy companies will still be where they are in a years time.

God save us from the Technical Entrepreneur CEO. "The product needs to be solid!" No! No! and Yes. You need to market and even sell before the final golden master is out. This way you build momentum for your upcomming product release… time to market! Sure the product needs to be good, but a good product will not sell it self.

There is an idiom for a person in the Finnish language that deliberates and hesitates… the "Jaagaaja". There are those that get things done and those who dont. Are you a Jaagaaja? 


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