Extraverts get paid better

I read an article last week about a University study in Finland that concluded outwardly open individuals fair better in life. They get better jobs and more pay. What a shocker! Only in an introverted society would such a topic merit a study.

I’d split extraverts into two categories of career rockets. There are those vocal obnoxious individuals who think they know better and have a need to belittle the meeker around them. Then there are those approachable individuals whom posses leadership qualities that others immediately recognize. Both will succeed better than average, because responsibility is given and power is taken.

Hannu Turunen is on of the latter that have a natural aura of inclusion. People around him feel welcome and calm. He has been financially successful, so I guess that the study is thus validated.

What interests me in this story is the thought of taking an expatriate that generally has assumed some of the extraverted cultural tendencies and yet doesn’t have any language issues. How would such a person fair back home in an introverted society? 


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