Alternative investment markets

Tarja Virmala (President of the Federeation of Finnish Information Industries) continues a long line of commentaries on the recent ICT growth studies in Digitoday. Like most commentators she also highlights the need for improved funding for growth companies. What peaked my interest was her suggestion to create an Alternative Investment Market (AIM) to provide growth capital with less stringent requirements than the existing stock market lists. Risto Siilasmaa (Founder of F-Secure) has also commented that a technology list should be formed to bring growth companies to the forefront. Artturi Tarjanne (Managing Partner at Nexit Ventures) has recently also suggested forming a new government subsidised list. In essence all are talking about creating a new list to bring back life into the technology IPO market, as private equity has failed to fund growth.

Why do we need a new list? Why not take benefit of UK’s LSE AIM list as I have suggested in earlier blogs. Our focus should be in helping growth companies find funding from the financial capitals of the world and not in creating new marginal lists… especially not government subsidized.

Read Virmala’s article (in Finnish). 


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